Journal of a Midnight Writer

The rarest of flowers bloom at midnight. I hope good stories do, too.

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I'm a writer struggling towards publication. Here I write about writing, books I read, blogs I follow, thoughts I think, and events and randomness that occur in my life. I sometimes manage to talk about things other than books like music, movies, crocheting, and graphic novels (oh, oops). Mostly I warble on about whatever is on my mind at the time and hope I sound semi-intelligent. I try to post once a week, but I make no guarantees. My life, she is chaotic and twirly.

Online I divide my time mostly between here and Twitter. I'm also on Goodreads. Stop by and say hi. I love meeting new people.

Since they are a major part of my life, certain people get mentioned on the blog with some frequency. Awesome Husband is my awesome husband (wit and originality, they are my middle names). Thing 1, Thing 2, and Princess C are collectively known as the Kiddos. All four of these amazing people strive to make each day of my life more interesting than I ever expected.